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This rocket scientist figured that principles that allowed missiles to track targets would be applicable to tracking price movements, and began studying the available knowledge on technical analysis.Learn how to successfully navigate the Stock Market by utilizing the power and leverage of options.Option Trading Coach, LLC is in the Nondurable Goods, nec business.From the rocket scientist he learned to trade a written plan that establishes consistency with principles that give you a definitive edge.Wayne is a true believer in technical analysis from a statistical perspective.That wonderfully boring, left-brain function of focusing on logical thinking, analysis and accuracy has paid off.His realization that the Wave Principle provides a logical framework for limiting the number of future market movement possibilities and assembling those remaining in order of probability, plus its inherent flexibility in working side-by-side with other methodologies, like Median Line Theory, led him to become a Certified Elliott Wave Analyst.Within a year he started sharing his passion for the forex market with others.

Learn to trade with the man who literally wrote the book on options trading.

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He felt an immediate affinity with this basis of methodology and the natural laws it is founded on.Geff was one of the most successful Propriety Options and Derivative Trader during his career at Goldman Sachs.He could see the wide application of this principle in socioeconomics and human behavior as well as the natural world.Take your options trading skills to the next level with Options Trade Mentoring.

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Offering a cutting-edge trading platform, sophisticated trading tools and a superior user experience.Learn How to Trade Options with Trading Education by Option Trading Coach, and See How to Use the Complete Options Index to spot the next big trade.He now has over 9 years experience in training and coaching within this market.Stock Option Forex education site offering a comprehensive trading program based on technical analysis and option strategies for investors and traders worldwide.

This sequence must be maintained to meet the definition of a Day Trade.He has taken on-line training and attended three live training seminars preparatory for wave analysis.There are a very small handful of former professional traders who are willing to share their trading secrets with the public.Get up to 160 hrs. of one on one teaching from a coach.

It was also in 1999 that he began trading and investing in his own accounts, sparking a strong desire to study and learn as much about the markets and how to trade them as possible.After receiving personal one-on-one mentoring, he transitioned to a full-time trading coach and professional trader in 2002.Trading People, Not Price and Profiting from Trapped Traders.Binary options trading carries a high level of risk. Why Choose OptionWeb.Option Trading Coach is a premier online stocks and options educational company that mentors trader to long-term success in the financial markets.This diversity is one of his greatest assets as he is able to quickly adjust his teaching to the knowledge level of his students.

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Jerry worked for the Federal Aviation Administration as aircraft pilot written test and airplane flight test examiner.She became involved with the Salt Lake City Trading Club handling administrative duties, knowing that association with others wanting to learn the same skills would be beneficial.He has extensive knowledge of physiological systems and movement, and has published articles in National publications.Gordon has coached over one thousand individual students with account sizes ranging from 4 to 8 figures.

The study of Elliott Wave patterns has led to a better and more profitable understanding of what the markets are likely to do next (or sometimes more importantly, what the markets will not do next).He has also co-managed multiple investment funds as well as provided technical and fundamental analysis for investment managers.Kerry Given, Ph.D., aka Dr. Duke, has over twenty years of experience investing in the stock market and over seven years experience trading equity and index options.Weather trading stocks, options, futures or forex Sam believes anyone can manage their own money by mastering a few basic trading principles and by putting in the time to learn.

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Mr. Lewis has been a successful and active trader for over 29 years in stocks, stock options, commodities and futures markets.Wayne found significant similarities between the movement of price and human movement, and has used his expertise in both disciplines to make him better at practicing and teaching both.The first is in Computer Information Systems and the other in Business Management.He especially enjoys youth and seeing anyone achieve their potential.

There is nothing harder than trying to climb a mountain alone and unaided, which is.After seeing the earning potential of trading E-minis and other instruments he began to get heavily interested in the relatively new, at the time, foreign exchange market.

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