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Expiration Date Trading will cease at the close of business two Business Days prior.

Get the latest natural gas markets (JKM, Henry Hub) data, news and analysis to inform your business decisions.The price of natural gas delivered to New York City and mid-Atlantic states soared Monday to all-time highs as unusually frigid weather approached.Over the last several months there has been much discussion about the impact of falling crude oil prices on the liquefied natural gas market. The.Still, this upbeat natural gas inventory drawdown continued to support the natural gas spot prices.Natural-gas prices would plummet even lower during the no-show winter of 2011-12,.The EDSP will be the Settlement Price on the day the contract.

Insights ICE Education Education Courses Course Calendar Booking Terms Knowledge Center The Information Exchange.A Gas price index is calculated and published by a combination of Natural Gas Exchange (NGX) an electronic trading platform, and Canadian.Potential US Natural Gas (UNG) Trade Targets 16.47% Return Mar 18th, 2017, 00:54 - FBM (Length: 920).

ICE Clear Europe Clearing Rules, is a deposit held by ICE Clear.The file always include the lastest 45 days gas prices. Gaspoint Nordic Spot Index.Find information for Ventura Natural Gas (Platts IFERC) Basis Futures provided by CME Group.

This Canadian dollar denominated index tracks the performance of.

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Henry Hub Natural Gas Spot Price is at a current level of 2.82, down from 3.261 last month.Contract Size 1,000 therms per day per delivery period (ie month, quarter, season.Graph and download economic data from Jan 1997 to Dec 2016 about natural resources, gas, price, and USA.

ICE Futures Europe UK Natural Gas Futures UK Natural Gas Futures 910 Product Specs Data Expiry Dates Margin Rates Options Download Description Contracts are for physical delivery through the transfer of rights.

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The Dynamics Between Oil-Indexed and Spot Prices. nected through the rising trade in liquefi ed natural gas.Since the introduction of natural gas in the 1980s, the price of natural gas has been linked to oil prices.

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Quarters are strips of three individual and consecutive contract.

Price in US Dollars per Million Metric British Thermal Unit. 12 month history.Spot market prices for Oklahoma natural gas under monthlong delivery contracts are the highest in almost two years, spurred by various factors affecting.All relevant comments and discussions regarding Natural Gas Futures.

Outlook for Natural Gas for National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) Hydraulic fracturing webinar. Historical spot price STEO forecast price.Offering oil and gas consulting and analysis services including price, exploration activity, industry analysis, forecasting and data services and litigation support.

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Quotation The contract price is in Sterling and pence per therm.Virtual Trading Point, operated by National Grid, the transmissions.A daily update of natural gas prices on the NYMEX for the next 36 months.Crude and Natural Gas Pricing and News OPIS provides transparency into the crude oil and natural gas markets through its price postings and industry news.The Response of U.S. Natural Gas Futures and Spot Prices to Storage Change Surprises and the Effect of Escalating Physical Gas Production Song Zan Chiou-Wei.