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At Eagle Natural Resources, we specialize in pairing ultra-high net worth individuals with the right oil and gas investments in the Gulf Coast region.Wolfpack Oil: Setting a New Standard in Oil and Gas Investing.

For more than 50 years, the Quiat Company has been making sound, shrewd investment decisions in: oil and gas, real estate, mineral leases.Oil and gas investments take many forms, including limited partnership interests, ownership of fractional undivided interests in.Price Volatility The profitability of oil and gas projects depend on the market prices of oil and gas.Wolfpack Oil is a Texas-based oil and gas exploration and production company committed to acquiring and.

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For high earning investors, this can provide significant current tax savings and partial investment protection in the ability to write off losses.If the well is a dry hole, the entire investment can be written off, Jones said.

Texas Energy Group is an Austin, Texas based oil and gas exploration,development and investment company specializing in bringing industry prospects to the private.Investors can check up on specific broker-dealers on the NASD or SEC websites.Information on this website is not intended to be a solicitation of any kind.

Foreign investment in Canadian oil and gas, a topic that raised governmental concern when CNOOC Ltd. of China last year announced plans to acquire Nexen.As of June 8, 2016,SEI Operating, LLC acquires CrossFoot Energy, LLC Permian Basin Assets.If the hole comes up dry, the investor will lose their entire investment (but can write off 100 percent of costs).Are they still oil and gas investment opportunities in Nigeria.Investor or Lender: Which is Better for Small Business Investments.

Oil and gas investments, although risky, have the potential for big payoffs.

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In addition, SEI also manages oil and gas leasing, royalty acquisition, surface right of way, title, and other land acquisition activities in East Texas and Louisiana.Thanks to Robert Jones of Lone Star Securities for his input on benefits and risks.


Another Executive Convicted of Oil and Gas Investment Fraud Northern District of Texas Successfully Prosecuted Numerous Individuals for Fraud in Connection.We are focused on basins and reservoirs in geographies and geologies we know are profitable.

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When considering an oil and gas investment, the most important aspect is to evaluate it cognitively.

Volatile price swings are common and can dramatically impact the profitability of a project.

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Oil & Gas Investments

Full benefit of current tax laws offering favorable incentives.EnergyFunders is a crowdfunding platform for investors specifically interested in investing in energy, specifically oil and gas extraction, although it.Keith is very smart and informed in oil and gas stocks and technology, I will give him that.

Information on investments, key players, activities, market trends, and growth for the petroleum industry.Disclaimer: As can be seen, there are numerous tax advantages associated with an investment in the oil and gas industry that are simply not available for other types.The fact that oil wells also contain natural gas is another bonus for oil investors.Rapid Results Checks can begin within 60 to 90 days of a well hitting, a rapid pace for an investment offering such high projected returns.

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We continue to seek additional Industry Partners and investors who would like to consider our prospects.