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In the payoff graph, and pay off, break even is missing, which is a key factor in determining which strike price to be taken for trade.I mean If I enter quote like nifty It should give all strikes of calls,puts,all expiries with greeks.If the price becomes zero at expiration then i will sell tomorrow only.But, short-selling — that is selling either a call or a put option at a higher price and then buying it back at a lower price to make profit — is not very common.All options on NSE today are european now, which means you can exercise it only on the expiry day.Kindly advise me when options strategy can be created and traded in the current month.But after going through your derivative modules again and again I have learnt a lot specially your shorting OTM call options.And found some errors in the strategy window test where moderately bearish says fairly certain market wont fall.looks like there were some other errors too.If I have 1L in my trading account, can I do the following option strategy.

Option Strategy is a tool which we have introduced on Zerodha Trader which suggests you and helps build option strategies.So Ensure that the option contracts mentioned is available on the market watch as mentioned in point 2.The dividend field is blank since I have selected 8100 Nifty Call option. of the call and put option.

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If a 300 put was bought, and the stock price closes anything above 300, the entire premium the put option buyer had paid will become worthless.Main criterion behind the trend calculation is the difference between the spot.If you are not able to see the prices in the strategy section, click on the restore button as shown below.Rs 20 per executed order or 0.01% of the contract value whichever is lower.


Buy Calls, if the market goes up, premium will ideally go up and you can profit.

Hi Nitin, If I take a position in BANKNIFTY weekly contract through PI, is it possible to square off the position in KITE.Premium: The price a put or call buyer must pay to a put or call seller (writer) for an option contract.Madhan, we give margins for option writing(intraday), pretty high actually.I tried my level best to get hold of you with regards to your software and trading platform issues.

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If you buy the second lot at Rs 100, your quantity will show 2 lots and your buy average price will now show 75, which is the average of 50 and 100.

Options: Calculating Delta, Part 1. call options have positive deltas while put options.Also, is the margin requirement same as the monthly contract (Options).Follow the steps below to look at the payoff graph for the strategy you select.How to earn 70% return in investment by trading in Nifty. fundamental from past couple of years he is playing only on covered call with put option.It will take a few more days to support weekly contracts on kite and on margin calculator.Please explain how to trade on your web platform. because I could not run your application on my office desktop.In the case of Weekly Option in Bank Nifty, Is it an American option or European.Hi Nitin, Has the option strategy tool been removed in Z trader, I still have it on mine.Margin required for only writing 12200put per lot is Rs 22581.

Trading options based on futures means buying call or put options based on the direction.Is there a way we can exercise the options in Zerodha Trader.You can place at once using basket order, but since they are different scrips they will be considered different orders.Once you give a view the tool will suggest you 5 different strategies, as shown below.

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Also suggest you to look at Varsity, we will be starting a module on Options shortly.

I have never traded a option but i want to do some trade in it. take the example of today as market were constantly rising in that condition what option i have to buy or sell.A call option gives the holder the right, but not an obligation to buy the underlying asset at a specified price.Here is a simple calculation of margin money for Bank Nifty Future contract. Posted in Bank Nifty, Call Put.

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The real difference between selling to close call options (or put options). fututres and options, nifty option.Since the risk is unlimited, a margin is blocked in your trading account similar to futures.For example, on January 29, the expiry day for the January series options, the total number of open contracts (open interest) were 81,061,325.

If nifty closes at 8450, 8500 puts get exercised and u get Rs 50 for those puts.Bank Nifty weekly option still not available in Kite.Your days has turned into weeks and about to turn into months and then years.Can we expect from you that you be ready with your systems from day one of product launches.NSE announced the launch of the weekly option well in advance yet you are not ready.Short selling and option writing are definitely very different from each other.Traders make a killing by selling Nifty options. when one expects markets to fall he buys a put option.

Easy tool that can calculate the fair value of an equity option based on the Black-Scholes,.This service includes Nifty Option calls which are designed for traders who want.I have made a new formula for Trading in Nifty Options. which gives you live market signals for the call and put options to.For example Nifty 7500CE was trading at around 200 in morning.They are either overlapped, some part is hidden, not displayed correctly.Where will the market go is your call to make, but you can sell the calls whenever you want, there is no need to wait till expiry.IITs, tech institutes asked to close courses getting tepid response.It can create confusion especially in BANKNIFTY which has weakly and monthly expiry while NIFTY has only monthly expiry.

You can Short puts, when market goes up, put values will come down and hence if you are short puts you can profit.Following are the reasons which probably attributed to the increase in popularity of options on the NSE.National Stock Exchange nifty nifty50 nifty call option nifty call put nifty calls nifty chart.

In any case on the expiry day all options get exercised by default, so need to have this facility as long as the options are is still offering the Live Options Calculator at the low subscription rate of.Put and call options are financial assets called derivatives,.You can: calculate the value of put and call options (The Black.It works exactly like the monthly option, all options in India are European.Taxes will be very low since taxes will applied on the premium.Sir, I would like to know if I buy 5 lots of Nifty 7600 PE at 27.65 by paying a premium of Rs 10,500 and if I square off at 25(loss).